Does Garcinia Cambogia Extract Really Hold the Secret to Weight Loss?

Garcinia-Cambogia-ExtractGarcinia Cambogia Extract Reviews and Recommendations!


You may have seen on television  or heard about the latest weight loss supplement that is creating a buzz: “Garcinia Cambogia Extract”, this fruit is called “the Holy Grail of weight loss”, of course, it’s still hard to take anything you see on television at face value which is why we decided to do a little more fact-finding on the supplement.  In this Garcinia Cambogia review, we’ll go over the questions that you need answered before deciding whether or not Garcinia Cambogia Extract is right for you.  It’s important that you get all the facts first, not just what you have heard or seen on television.  When it comes to your health, you owe it to yourself to make the most informed decision possible.  That’s what this Garcinia Cambogia review will allow you to do.

What is Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

Garcinia Cambogia is actually a fruit that grows in many parts of the world.  In fact, you probably know it by its common name: the Tamarind.  The Tamarind looks like a small pumpkin and those who grew up around it likely already know of its general health and nutritional benefits.  It’s no surprise that a fruit that has been used for healthy gains for thousands of years is still highly regarded as beneficial to the human body.

But what is surprising is that we’re just now learning about another aspect of the Tamarind.  Thanks to medical advances and scientific study, we’ve now found that when you extract Garcinia Cambogia from the rind of the fruit, it acts as a powerful and natural weight loss supplement.

How Garcinia Cambogia Extract was Discovered

dr Julie chenThis extract was first discovered by Dr. Julie Chen, a leading health and wellness specialist in her own right.  Her work with Garcinia Cambogia extract helped set in motion a weight loss discovery that is sweeping over the entire nation today.  In her studies, Dr. Chen found that her patients that regularly took Garcinia Cambogia extract supplements lost two to three times as much weight as her control group.  The control group was not taking the extract, but that was the only difference in the two groups.

This meant that each person taking the supplement lost an average of ten pounds per month.  What’s more is that they did this with no other significant changes to their diets, lifestyles or exercise routines.  The extract was so powerful that people lost weight simply by taken it! 

These findings caught the attention of many scientists, thought that this might be too good to be true.  To have a supplement that could effectively shed the pounds on its own plus be 100% natural and safe is something that the medical industry and the people have been searching for for centuries.

The Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia Extract

What it was found is that not only Dr Julie Chen was right, the supplement worked even better when a person did change their diet and start exercising.  This meant that not only does Garcina Cambogia act on its own to help you lose weight, it can also facilitate even more weight loss with a few simple diet changes. This fact pleased a lot of people who have been looking for a way to lose weight naturally, safely and most of all, without doing anything more than popping a supplement!

Here are some of the benefits that Garcinia Cambogia Extract was found to bring:

is garcinia cambogia working• It acts as a dual-action fat burner, suppressing your appetite and lowering your calorie intake at the same time it blocks fat.

• It works on a cellular level to prevent cells from storing fat.

• It attacks stubborn belly fat, reducing it without any further action necessary.

• It raises your serotonin levels which helps you with depression, a leading cause of emotional overeating.

• It also raises your cortisol levels, further reducing your stress to help you avoid binge eating.

This means that when you take Garcinia Cambogia extract, quite a few things are happening.  This is why it’s such a powerful weight loss supplement.

Does Garcinia Cambogia Extract Really Work?

For anyone who has spent money on the latest diet fads or weight loss supplements only to wind up disappointed, it’s easy to understand why new weight loss products are met with apprehension.  There are far too many pills promising instant weight loss out there, and not enough that are delivering.

bodyThat’s why it is heartening to finally see a weight loss supplement that has passed numerous experiments and studies.  Garcinia Cambogia has proven time and time again that it has the unique capability of turning your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine.

Working as a triple-action weight loss supplement, Garcinia Cambogia extract first suppresses your appetite, then works to block incoming fat from storing in the body while attacking and breaking down existing fat stores.  This means that not only are you eating less fat, but your body isn’t storing the fat you are taking in, plus the fat cells that are already stored are being broken down so you can get rid of them easily.

When your appetite is suppressed, you don’t crave as much food.  This leaves your body just hungry enough to intake what it needs to operate at peak performance.   That means no extra food is going to be stored by your body, but rather used up by your everyday actions.  Plus, since Garcinia Cambogia extract works on a cellular level to block carbohydrates from turning into fat, any leftover or excess potential fat that you do eat will pass right through your system.

And while this is all taking place, Garcinia Cambogia extract also works to break down stubborn abdominal fat, making it easier for you to bust that gut right where it counts most—in the waistband.  These three powerful actions combine to transform your body into the most efficient fat burning and weight management machine you can be.

Be Sure to Buy the Best Garcinia Cambogia Extract Supplements

Finally, it’s important to note something very important: not all supplements are the same.  It’s vital to your health that you only purchase pure supplements.  There are many types of supplements out there that use imitation or poor-quality ingredients.  This will lower the effectiveness of the supplement and might even cause dangerous reactions in your body.  To make sure that you’re buying the best Garcinia Cambogia Extract supplements, look for the following right on the bottle:

• The words “Garcinia Cambogia” are on the bottle.

• Supplement contains at least 50% HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid).

• Daily Serving Size is at least 1000 MG.

• No Fillers, Binders, or Artificial Ingredients.

To make sure that you’re buying a quality Garcinia Cambogia Extract like Miracle Garcinia Cambogia that is in-line with the above recommendations and guidelines, click the link below right now and transform your body into your ideal vision today.

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    • Daylight

      This product is great! Its only been 3 weeks since i started taking it and with good diet and exercise as well as taking it twice a day 30 minutes before meals, I have managed to shed 10 pounds! Also, I have way more energy! I AM PSYCHED about the results! Great product and highly recommend to anyone who is ready for it.

  1. Jo

    I just bought a brand and 2 capsules contain 300mg of garcinia cambogia and 50% HCA. Does that mean i need to take a minimum of 10 pills a day for the recommended dose of 1500 mg?

    • Rose M. Myers

      The pills you have bought aren’t correctly dosed. The best serving size is actually 1000mg with a recommended daily dosage of 1500-3000mg. 10 pills a day is correct but it’s a lot! Try buying Miracle garcinia cambogia which i highly recommend!

  2. LaTonya

    I have the garcinia Cambogia 1000mg it says take once a day but I read on other comments that you should be taking 1500 -3000mg a day. So should i be taking more?

    • Rose M. Myers

      Yes you can go with one pill twice a day. 30 minutes before each meal for optimum results.

  3. Mandi

    This product sounds very good and I would love to try it. How long is it recommended for? I imagine I shouldnt take it forever. And what happens to the weight loss when a person stops taking it?

    • Rose M. Myers

      You still have to do a “maintenance diet” after you stop using it. Or you can take it for 12 weeks then skip a month and restart again.

  4. Mia

    Since Garcinia has some “mood” helping qualities, is it safe to combine with an antidepressant?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Rose M. Myers

      That’s a good question Mia! :)
      Garcinia increases the levels of serotonin in the brain so it may be beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of stress and depression among other serotonin deficient conditions. So the answer is a yes!

  5. NLW

    Started the Garcinia Pro yesterday. 500mg per capsule. I am taking in 1 in the morning and 1 before lunch. Granted, its has only been 1.5 days but I have noticed a decrease in my appetite. And a little more energy. Im sure each day it will build. Super excited!! :) Thank you!

  6. Debbie

    Im so hoping that this works for me, Iv had thyroid cancer resulting in removal,Have high BP and Cholesterol, and on the border of Diabetes,need so much to lose, I weigh 226 and hope to take off 60lbs to start , cant stick to diets , Im feeling real positive about this for the most part because its natural ,a lot of these ladies are just like me and are getting great results Im so excited. GOD BLESS YOU ALL :)

  7. Jenn

    I just started taking these today. I am 5’4 and weigh 115 lbs. Due to my height I am trying to drop about 5 – 8 lbs. I will keep you posted.

    • Rose M. Myers

      Exercising isn’t necessary and that’s the big plus of garcinia cambogia but it’s highly recommended to avoid getting the pounds back after you stop the supplement.

    • Rose M. Myers

      The correct dosage is: 1500-3000 mg per day. You should take it 30 minutes before meals, 2 to 3 times a day.

  8. Marlene

    i have been taking this product for about 3 months now and i love to eat out well in the second week of taking this product i felt that i wasnt that hungry and i would go to Wendys or MC Donalds and get chicken sandwiches or a hamburger and would only eat half my boyfriend getting mad because we would spend about $20 max maybe a little more at wendys and then only eat half he wasnt having that now i just weighed myself and found i have lost 15-20 lbs. just to let every body know that every ones body type is different and it will effect us each different ways… i love this product and will continue with it.

  9. Ocean B

    Just got my bottles today super excited this is gonna be the greatest… I feel like ive tried everything everykind of pill there is and I really hope this is a winner :))

  10. Daniel

    This actually does work. This is my fourth day and I have lost 4 pounds. The first thing I notice is a difference in my stomach area. I am so excited to see what the end results will be in 30 days. To anyone who is having second thoughts on this product, please stop thinking and purchase it. You have nothing to loose but pounds!!

  11. NoNewFriends

    I really would like to give this product a try I been trying to lose weight for the past 6 years since I had my kids hopefully this will work! So excited:)
    Anyone know if it would be more effective if I were to exercise with the supplement, I’m trying to get a six pack here :)

  12. Alexis

    I’ve taken 2 doses of this pill and I already see a difference in my cravings and how full I get, but I’m not even sure I’m taking the right one.. Dr.Oz said that it needs to contain 50% HCA and the one I have is 60% HCA .. So should I worry ?

    • Rose M. Myers

      Yes it should have at least 50% HCA and most of the available brands have 60%, you are taking the right one, no need to worry.

  13. sherry

    I took this for 1 week and lost 7 pounds but also my bloodwork came back better than in a long time. But did Dr. Oz say if you take a statin for Cholestrol you shouldn’t take it.

    • Rose M. Myers

      As stated above, that information is correct. If you are taking garcinia cambogia with statins then you should consult your doctor although you have lost 7 pounds which is a great result.

  14. Sarah

    Im taking Garcinia cambogia and it says to take 2 capsules before your daily meal …can I take more ? I lost 10 pounds in 1 month I love it !!!

    • Rose M. Myers

      10 pounds in a month is just amazing! But i can’t answer your question not knowing the dosage in each capsule.

  15. lizette

    I have been on this for a week. I also been on a healthy diet and been working out 4 times a week. My 1st week I lost 6.2 lbs.

  16. Elaine

    Hi there
    I have lost so much around my tummy that all my friends have noticed and I’ve recommend Cambogia to them. I only question it ok to take it even if on alcohol? I do love a few drinks with friends on weekends and I don’t want to not take cambogia….

    • Rose M. Myers

      Good job Elaine.
      It is advisable to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking throughout the diet in order to reach maximum results.

  17. Paula Pasatiempo

    The directions state, three capsules a day with a full glass of water, and another said 30 min before a meal. Now, does this mean Three at one time at 1,500mg, or One three times a day before each meal?

  18. Shirley Thomas

    Elaine asked can this be taken with a few occasional drinks. Also what about taking metformin, for diabetis, is it ok to take?

    • Rose M. Myers

      HCA in Garcinia cambogia can lower blood sugar levels so anyone with diabetes should closely monitor the changes or consult a physician.

  19. leza

    I have been trying everything for the past 4 yrs and I almost gave up losing my weight untill I heard about this product. The day I saw this sold in stores I jumped on it. This is my second day and already notice my appitite subsiding . So excited to see the results.

  20. bemma

    It is my second day taking gardenia cambogia and i have found my tummy muscles feel tighter already and that my cravings for chocolate are gone, and I am a true chocolate addict and can honestly say i’ve eaten 15 packets of multesers in the past 2.5 weeks and gained 4 kilos…
    It is day 2 and i’ve already lost 1kg.. I am thrilled. I AM SO EXCITED TO CONTINUE THIS GOD SENT TABLET!!! I recommend this to anyone and everyone that would love to lose some weight!

    • Rose M. Myers

      No you can’t get it at a local pharmacy and a big can’t take it at 13 year, the recommended age is starting from 18.
      Thank you Lucy.

  21. Lauren

    Hey! I’ve been really trying to loose like 20 lbs and don’t know if I stop taking garnicia cambogia, will I gain the weight right back on? I’m so excited to start it and become a new me! Especially when I go back home for Christmas!!

  22. Mari

    Hi all. I started today. The capsules is 1300 mg each. Should i take it twice a day or 3 times a day? I can’t wait to see my results after reading all the comments.

  23. JUDE


  24. Kagiso

    My second day on the pill, I slept like a baby for 1st time after a long time and am in such a happy mood can’t wait to loose the fat especially on the waist line.Thanking God for this product :-)

  25. maria rosales

    Hey Rose!
    I do not live in the states but I’ve been reading about this wonderful product and I know that it will bring a lot of benefits for my husband and I since we both are overweighted. My husband is around the 340 lbs. And I am around the 190, as well.
    We have a rushed life and work very hard. Would you please tell me what to do to get the product and start on it?
    I will apreciate your answer.
    Regards, María Luisa

  26. mike forest

    Some diet,,, a little exercise ,, 10 days,, lost 13.2 lbs , shooting for 100lb loss in 7 months, I’ll keep you informed

  27. Jamie Sullivan

    I’ve lost about 20lbs with hard work and cutting back on my caloric intake on my own, but I’ve hit a plateau at about 160lbs for the last few months. No matter what I do, and how hard I work, I’m still sticking around that 160 mark.
    So with my skepticism still intact, I’ve ordered a bottle of GC today, lets see what this stuff can do.

    I’ll keep you posted.

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